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Lyndsey Gallagher


Useful Information

  • Lyndsey Gallagher is the Chief Operating Officer at The Gallagher Group. A respected and decisive leader and a great believer in philanthropy. Lyndsey is also a welfare officer and deputy chair of the Lighthouse Construction Industry charity.

  • Lyndsey visits construction workers who have been affected by an accident or illness, and in 2018 the charity helped over 1,600 families distributing over £1.4 million in charitable service to help workers in crisis.

  • Lyndsey knows the importance of being part of a 45-year-old family business and working alongside her father Pat Gallagher and her siblings. She is dedicated to upholding the company’s family brand values which are, and always will be, at the heart of Gallagher.

  • Whether working on high-profile building assignments like the new Marks and Spencer store at Eclipse Park in Maidstone, organising charity events or running the London marathon to support the Alzheimer’s Society, her consistent desire to be the best in all that she does and give back where she can, is ever-present.