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Alastair Jessel


  • Previously owner of an ice cream manufacturer

  • Manages and owns a property portfolio

  • Enjoys renovating properties

  • Enjoys problem solving and DIY

  • Loves reading 'The Economist' and understanding how business works

  • Happy to help others looking to grow their business

  • Happiest when skiing and travelling

Useful Information

  • Specialist in sales and marketing

  • Loves growing small start-up businesses

  • Runs Wayaspect Ltd, a property company, West Kent Hydroponics, an online internet business which is an importer and retailer of Smart Gardens, Battersea Park Events Ltd, an event organiser for holistic conferences and Battersea Park Clinic Ltd, a holistic and aesthetic clinic.

  • Battersea Park Clinic owns a 24 unit Energy Enhancement System, a holistic healing system that uses energy healing to help people heal themselves of all sorts of diseases and damaged bodies in a room devoid of EMF’s. It also has the largest infrared sauna in London and has acquired a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber