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Alastair Jessel


  • Previously owner of an ice cream manufacturer

  • Manages and owns a property portfolio

  • Enjoys renovating properties

  • Enjoys problem solving and DIY

  • Loves reading 'The Economist' and understanding how business works

  • Happy to help others looking to grow their business

  • Happiest when skiing and travelling

Useful Information

  • Specialist in sales and marketing

  • Loves growing small start-up businesses in to large ones

  • Runs Battersea Design Works, a co-working site in south London and also Cadre Clinic, a Health & Beauty Clinic on the same site. I am aiming to build the first, new, co-working health and beauty clinic in the UK in the garden of this property with further residential property above it.

  • I continue to expand my rental property portfolio in Kent and London.